Shop-Made Designs

Shop-Made Designs

Our Experts Are Always Creating

Each of the jewellery experts in our shop has their own style and body of work. See below for some of their exceptional, one-of-a-kind designs!

Brittany Ellerbrok – Goldsmith

Brittany is an expert at custom designs, especially in the art of lost-wax carving and casting. Whether your vision is organic, modern, technical, or traditional, Brittany can bring it to life for you. She is also always pleased to find a solution to your unique repair situations.


Convertible Necklace

We melted down the customer’s gold and created wire rings, gold nuggets, and an initial charm and combined it into a unique, convertible necklace that can be worn 4 different…


Custom Symbolic Pendant

An original and symbolic design we crafted. Truly one of a kind. From wax, to casting in gold, and setting with precious gemstones.


Home of Our Heart

The Home of our Heart exclusive Cape Breton Jewellery Line includes a hand-carved Cape Breton Island relief in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver. Pendants are available…

Hang Lau – Goldsmith

Hang brings fifty years of experience as a hand-forged goldsmith to KDesign Studio. We lured Hang to Cape Breton from Halifax to join our team and he is happy to take on your repairs or custom requests.

Gayle Bird – Wire Artist & Silversmith

A Cape Breton artist, Gayle is our wire expert, having written a best-selling how-to book on the subject! An accomplished silversmith as well, any repair or project that requires pliers or works best in silver will be taken care of by Gayle.