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Jewellery Repair Centre

In our KDesign Studio we offer full service, on-site jewellery repair right here in Cape Breton (see repair list below)We have made it our mission to provide an on-island option for our fellow Cape Bretoners. We can answer all your jewellery repair questions and concerns, offer advice, and share our team’s wealth of knowledge with you. Whether you’ve got heirloom gold to be re-worked into something modern, a ring that doesn’t quite fit, a chain that’s broken into pieces, or even orphan earrings – our master goldsmith will ensure you leave happy!

We are also able to offer pearl stringing, watch strap adjustments, watch batteries, enamel repair, stone replacement, and more!

Common Services & Pricelist

While every interaction is as unique as your treasured possessions, our most common jewellery repair services with starting prices are listed below. Feel free to drop by or contact us for a quote specific to your project!

Ring Resizing

$50 and up. Includes a Spa Cleaning and Inspection, free.

Chain Repair

$15 and up. Includes spa cleaning and inspection, free.

Watch Strap Resize or Replace

$10 and up. Includes installation. Many styles to choose from on site.

Watch Battery

$10 and up. Includes installation. Car Remote Starters included!

Stone Replacement

$20 and up. Options include: re-tip worn claws, replace broken claws, re-set your own stone or replace lost stones. Includes a free Spa Cleaning & Inspection.

Pearl Restringing

$6/inch. Full stringing on silk with a knot between each of your pearls. Includes gentle cleaning.

Spa cleaning & inspection

Free! Bring your gold and silver to us and we'll give it a fresh polish and ultrasonic bath, and inspect it for potential flaws. No purchase required 🙂

Enamel Repair

$60 and up. Replacement of lost or cracked enamel. X-rings our specialty! Includes free spa cleaning & inspection.


$30 and up. Several styles and many sizes available, suitable for plaques, trophies, rings, bracelets, pendants.

Power Polishing

Large brass or silver/plated items can be restored to like-new condition. Bring the item in for a quote.

Arthritic Shanks

$250 and up. Convert your precious ring with a shank that will allow you to pull the ring over your poor swollen knuckles and tighten it to fit the smaller part of your finger.

Arthritic Balls

$50 and up. Slide the ring on sideways past your knuckle, then twist onto the thinner part of your finger to secure without pain and swelling.


We understand how precious your heirlooms are and how difficult it can be to let them go. That’s why, when you leave your jewellery to be repaired, none of your items will leave our shop, and each night are locked away in our vintage vault. Our high-end security system ensures that your jewellery is safe and secure. Only with watch movements and crystals will we send away your items to our expert partner in Montreal, and only with your approval. 


Why settle for ordinary when we create extraordinary

KDesign Studio provides a one year warranty with each custom piece of fine jewellery. This warranty covers manufacturing and material defects under normal use for a period of 12 months. 

We require that you drop in for an inspection of your repaired stone setting after six months so that we can check for any loose stones and perform the necessary repairs. It’s important with diamond jewellery to continue your six-month checkups to avoid the loss of your special stones, and our master goldsmith will inspect each setting carefully to ensure that the stone is secure and wearable for the next six months.

In addition to our own warranty, KDesign Studio honors all Alteen’s warranties. 

Please drop in, phone or email any time!

Please feel free to contact us!

The services above are our most common – but most any repair is possible. Contact us below or come in to talk to the experts to see what the options are for your broken accessories.