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Kreative Design is a Lyoness Merchant and we are happy to process your cashback with your order! Simply let us know your Member ID in the comments section when you check out, and we’ll process everything when we pack and ship your order. Not a Lyoness member yet? Sign up now for this amazing, worldwide shopping community and start saving when you shop at local Lyoness Merchants, online and with gift cards from big-name stores! It’s easy! Simply fill out the form below and you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail within a day. Confirm, then start saving! We’ll send you a CashBack card in the mail that you can use. * please note by giving us the information below you are consenting for us to share this information with Lyoness Canada in order to sign you up for the program. It will not be shared with anyone or other companies. If you have more questions about Lyoness, please see the Lyoness Website for more information.

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