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Supporting Local has never been more important than right now. 

At Kreative Design we support local designers and businesses trying to get their product out into the market. During the holidays if you are looking for Cape Breton themed gift ideas you can find lots at our shop.

December is a month that small business relies heavily on. Our revenue earned during the Holiday Season has the potential to help carry us through the tougher winter months when most people are snuggled warmly under a blanket waiting for spring.

Our Island may be small but we are mighty and if we continue to support each other we will all prosper.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! And we look forward to continuing to dress and accessorize you in the new year.

<3 Kim


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Is anyone listening?

In all the years I have worked in retail the most common customer complaint has been, “No one is really listening to me.”

When I’m working with my clients, maybe dressing her for a special event, or creating a new wardrobe, I make it a point to truly listen. My ideas and her ideas should and will be totally different, so asking questions and listening to the answers is vital. One question I usually ask is… “When you close your eyes, how do you see yourself?” 

Women love to show their individual style– that works with their personality and lifestyle. We are all unique and all have our own idea of how we want the world to see us. It is difficult for me to choose a style, look, color, etc. without understanding what my client truly wants. Asking the right questions and truly listening to her answers can make all the difference in how we work together.

Once I have a feel for the look she is trying to achieve, I can then confidently move forward with suggestions based on her body shape, lifestyle, event, etc.

I believe the art of truly listening is the key to success!

And, at Kreative Design our staff of experts are listening! We hear you!

Because of my years in the jewellery business and recognizing a need for a qualified watch battery and strap expert in the area Kreative Design has always offered this service to our clients.

Now, bringing in Goldsmith Rob Bowden and creating the onsite full service Jewellery Repair Centre at Kreative Design is filling a vital need for our clients. Between Rob and I- we have over 50 years experience working with Jewellery and Watches. We can guide you through the process of repairing, refurbishing, or recycling all your jewellery.

We can offer honest, expert advice, with a guarantee of quality workmanship! And we can do this Right on site.

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Huge Summer Secret Revealed!

As we welcome in another beautiful Cape Breton Summer I thought this would be the perfect time to share this well kept secret!

I’m like most women, and love to wear dresses and skirts in summer. Whether attending a special event or out for a summer BBQ with friends I usually wear a dress or skirt! However– there is just one problem and most of us have been keeping this a secret for years!

Most Fashion Magazines depict women with tight sharply thighs. But the reality is, most women’s inner thighs meet and rub at the top. Which can make wearing a dress or skirt very difficult. When our thighs rub it causes chafing which leads to excruciating pain.  Summer heat, bare inner thighs and moisture combine for a major problem, the dreaded Inner Thigh Chafing!


Keep reading for a few things you can try before you give up on wearing a cute summer dress to your best friends wedding.

1. One of the best ways I have found to combat the Inner Thigh Chafing is with Vagisil or Summers Eve Feminine Powder.  These powders help keep everything dry and comfortable, which minimizes chafing. These products can be purchased from any local drug store.

2. Another product I’ve heard works is Body Glide chafing cream. Glides on like deodorant. Much easier to apply than the powder. I have not personally tried this particular product.

3. Spray on deodorant has been toted as a wonderful way to combat moisture in unwanted places. Most spay on deodorants last for 24 hour. So applying the night before to clean dry skin is your best form of defence!

4. Wearing Spandex shorts or capris under your dress is another alternative. But if you are wearing a dress because it’s cool and feels great, adding layers underneath may not work for summer?

5. A brand new option to fight Upper Thigh Chafing is Bandelettes. Bandlettes are a wide garter type strap which can wrap around both thighs in just the right place.  The fabric can wick moisture and minimize chafing. I haven’t tried this product yet, but hope to have it available in our shop soon.

I hope that I have given you some help in combating this annoying and painful problem. So now, go dig out your favorite LSD Little Summer Dress, call all your GF’s and have a fab lunch in a cute little bistro on the water and enjoy the summer sun!!

Kim <3


Seniors Have a Say at KD!

We LOVE our Seniors! And every Monday we are going to show you the LOVE!

50 is the new 40, 60 is the new 50, 70 is the new 60! How great is that? We’re growing older with grace and pride and should celebrate each and every day! Our Grand Mothers, Great Grans and Great Great Grans have lived a lifetime and have so much wisdom and advice to offer. All we need to do is just listen with an open mind!

Corrine Before and After Small

Being a senior doesn’t mean your style can’t be more on trend and stylish. At Kreative Design, our trained Fashion Consultants can help transform your look with simple scarf tying tricks, accessorizing correctly and by helping you swap out wardrobe pieces that are no longer flattering. We can find pieces that will work with your current wardrobe, but that are more modern, giving you a polished and flattering new look.

You’ve raised your children, paid your dues, and experienced a lifetime of worry. Now that the kids are grown, your dues and paid and the worry is over, it’s your time to celebrate! Check out this great site for 18 Fabulous Style Tips for seniors!

Our fashion consultants can even offer advice about your changing skincare and makeup needs. Just a one stop shopping experience!

When you drop into Kreative Design on Mondays you will SAVE an additional 10% off your total purchase. Or shop Online and enter the Senior10 code for 10% of your online order.

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