2017 Donation Cape Breton Cancer Centre

In 2017, when KDesign Studio was approached to donate to the Cancer Centre at the Regional Hospital, we didn’t hesitate. Our goldsmith Brittany Ellerbrok created a necklace auctioned off in 2017.

Starting with the stone – a piece of bowlerite made from recycled bowling balls – Brittany was inspired by the frosty finish to create an initial artist’s rendering of our wintry mountains, adding a moonstone peeking through the clouds and setting over a highland scene.

She then spend many hours carving the design into wax:

The wax was used to make a plaster mold, which was then filled with molten sterling silver here in the shop. The stones were set and Brittany decorated the piece with a sparkling snow finish depicting a peaceful snowfall in the highlands.

Brittany also created a matching bracelet with a darling pendant attached.

With more than an ounce of silver and many loving hours of work, we were proud to donate this piece in support of the Cancer Centre at the Regional Hospital.


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